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Carolyn Brodginski, CMP - Carolyn discovered the dulcimer at the age of 19 when she heard Sally Rogers perform at a folk venue in Connecticut. An accomplished folk guitarist at the time, she just couldn't figure out what to do with this beautiful, sweet sounding instrument with so few strings. More than 30 years later, she found The CT. Mountain Dulcimer Gathering, and has been playing ever since. She loves the many voices of the dulcimer, playing roots, blues, classical, ethnic music, lullabies, as well as the music of contemporary musicians. As a performer, songwriter, teacher, member of the Northeast Dulcimer Orchestra, and Certified Music Practitioner, she is passionate about "spreading the dulcimer Gospel", taking great joy in introducing this beautiful original American folk instrument to others. .

Sam Edelston - Sam Edelston is on a quest to bring dulcimers into widespread public awareness, and in the process, he has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative players around. Along with a lot of folk tunes and even more rock & roll, he's played everything from African to opera, Sinatra to Sousa, and bossa nova to bluegrass. He has performed or taught at festivals as far away as Minnesota and Kentucky, and his music has been played online in over 190 countries. A Connecticut resident, Sam is also chair of the Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival, which is held in Milford, CT, every October. He's delighted to be part of Dulcimer Daze for the first time.

Kristin Gitler - Kristin has been playing the mountain dulcimer for 20 years and teaches at festivals and privately around the northeast. In 2015 she earned a certificate for Teaching the Mountain Dulcimer from Western Carolina University, and leads the Central New York Mountain Dulcimer League, an on-going workshop for all level players. She performs with an acoustic duo and has two CDs and accompanying tab books, Old Tunes - Baked Fresh, featuring American, Celtic and French Canadian fiddle tunes on mountain dulcimer and acoustic guitar, and Tunes Twice Stitched, a collection of French Canadian tunes.

George Haggerty - George is an accomplished dulcimer builder, teacher, and player. His enthusiasm for this versatile instrument is apparent in his workshops which build a solid foundation for even the most inexperienced player. His love of old-time music and his creative nature bring out feeling and expression in his music whether it is in his workshops, recordings, or performances. George has taught students from first grade to senior citizens. He owns and operates a music shop, Folk Craft Music, in Jacksonville, Vt, where he sells hand-crafted dulcimers and other related musical items. His CD's, Just Friends...One More Time and The Best of Just Friends, a compilation of George's 2 cassettes Just Friends and Just Friends Again, are dulcimer instrumentals. He is director of his annual festival in Vermont, August Dulcimer Daze, now in it's twenty fifth year.

Lori Keddell - Lori has been teaching children to build and play the dulcimer for many years. She has also taught workshops at numerous festivals including the Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering, August Dulcimer Daze and the Pocono Dulcimer Club Winter Dulcimer Fest. She has published four books of dulcimer arrangements: Night Songs and Lullabies, A Treasury of Christmas Music and A Mountain Dulcimer Potpourri (Songs in DAA), and Dulcimaniacs Delight.

Bonnie Leigh, CMP - Bonnie, a Certified Music Practitioner and performer/teacher, actively performs and teaches her gentle style of playing with the dulcimer across the northeast coast. Bonnie has taught at eleven dulcimer festivals in the east and has been giving lessons, teaching at festivals and performing since 1991. You'll find her at historical villages, libraries, clubs, meetings or doing house concerts. Her easy manner makes learning to play fun and relaxed. As a Music Practitioner Bonnie plays the dulcimer and small harp at the bedside of hospice patients. Bonnie's original songs of life and family can be found on her 3 recordings and 3 songbooks to accompany the recordings, all in dulcimer tab. Bonnie has also written 3 poem books and From My Heart to Yours - Thoughts and experiences of a Music Practitioner Intern a booklet.

Ellen Pratt - Ellen Pratt has been playing dulcimer for over 16 years. She began writing her own music in 2004 and has performed at numerous open mics and festivals. Ellen's style of playing is a mix of traditional and contemporary. She enjoys the hard fast strumming old time music and jam tunes with both the dulcimer and banjo but also enjoys the quieter, more contemporary chord style with fingerpicking on dulcimer. Ellen has taught at the DAA dulcimer festival in Albany, the Pocono Dulcimer Club Winter Dulcimer Fest, and teaches and co-coordinates Vermont's August Dulcimer Daze with George and Mary Haggerty.

Norm Williams - Norm is co-founder of the Pocono Dulcimer Club (PDC-1997), an organizer of the PDC's Winter Dulcimer Fest, and a member of Wayfarers and Company, an old time band. He has been playing MD since 1997 and believes this instrument makes music readily accessible to anyone and especially those who’ve never played anything.

Nina Zanetti - Nina is the 2008 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion. She comes to the mountain dulcimer from a diverse musical background, including choral music, violin, viola, piano, and shape note singing. She plays regularly at churches, historic sites, and community events and has taught and performed at dulcimer festivals throughout the country, including Western Carolina University, Arkansas Dulcimer Jamboree, Dulcimerville, Colorado Dulcimer Festival, and Kentucky Music Week. Nina is especially fond of the "softer side of dulcimer" and has produced three books of gentle, finger-style solo arrangements for mountain dulcimer, as well as four books of duet arrangements with Beth Lassi. She is featured on Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Play Music for Christmas (CD) and has also recorded a CD of solos and duets with Bill Collins. In June, 2011, she released her first solo CD, Beside Still Waters. The Humble Heart, co-authored with Bill Collins, features arrangements of 33 lovely Shaker tunes, from hymns to dance tunes. Her newest tablature book, Heart's Ease contains arrangements for 35 tunes from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.